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Board of Directors Spotlight

Board of Directors Spotlight Board of Directors Spotlight

Here’s another in a series of looks at board members of the Great River Road Visitor & Learning Center in Prescott!

Ka Vang How did you get connected to the Great River Road Visitor & Learning Center?

When I moved here 5 years ago I hopped into my car and started driving looking for parks for my three children to play in. As I drove into the Freedom Park parking lot I couldn't believe the view from the bluff and even more amazing learning center. Later, I was asked to join the board.

What part of the mission gets you most excited?

I want to say EVERYTHING! But if I had to focus on one aspect of the mission it is 'safeguarding this extraordinarily scenic site' for future generations. Being Hmong we look forward by looking backwards meaning we learn from our history to inspire and create a more vibrant future.

What makes this organization


It's extraordinary that Freedom Park is located at the confluence of the Mississippi River and St. Croix River. There is magic in places where two rivers meet. My children had never seen bald eagles before. The first time they visited Freedom Park they saw 5 bald eagles soaring over the bluffs in a few minutes. In a way, it was a magical moment for our entire family.

How long have you been involved with the Friends of Freedom Park?

As a visitor, I've been involved for five years. I recently joined the board.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time (hobbies, etc)?

I am a boring person so I have pedestrian hobbies. I like to read books, cook complicated ethnic and cultural food and travel. I have traveled to almost 50 countries. I hope to travel to 125 countries before I go gentle into that good night.