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Committee hears of Palmetto street plan, courtesy dock

Committee hears of Palmetto street plan, courtesy dock Committee hears of Palmetto street plan, courtesy dock

Portions of the stub streets near the newly-approved Palmetto Subdivision will need to be redone Matt Hieb, Engineer for the Palmetto Subdivision, presented the Public Works Committee last Monday with a request for the City of Prescott to pay a portion of the stub streets for Filkins, Willow and Roberts St. Portions of these streets being repaved are not a part of The Palmetto Subdivision, but must be redone. Hieb requested the City pay $100,000 of the total $327,666 that it will cost to redo the three streets. The project is expected to cost $581 per foot based on engineering, grading, utility, curb, gutter and street related costs.

The only costs not included are parkland dedication, review fees and land cost.

The Prescott City ordinances require there to be three inches of asphalt, but the City would prefer to lay four inches of asphalt. The cost difference between three and four inches of asphalt for this project is $27,000, which the City elected to finance. Councilmember Josh Gergen made the motion, seconded by Councilmember Maureen Otwell, to recommend the payment of $127,000 with $27,000 going for the additional pavement and $100,000 going for the stub street without a negative voice vote.

Courtesy Dock

Mike Kinneman, Prescott’s Street and Park Superintendent, and Dennis Eaton, Prescott’s Water and Sewer Superintendent, brought the Public Works Committee up to date on the courtesy dock.

After the dock was damaged in a recent storm, City staff have been working to replace it. The committee was informed that the South American wood being used for the dock has a lifetime guarantee. The dock is planned to be eight feet wide and 300 feet long. It will be placed so that some small boats can park on the land side of the dock. Fourteen-foot long pilings will be used to secure the dock and it will rise and lower as the water level changes. The Committee also had some conversation regarding installing a fishing dock down by the boat launch.

2021 Capital Projects

Kinneman also informed the Committee he would like to pulverize and overlay Pearl St. and several of the stub streets at a cost of approximately $163,000, as well as purchase an additional zero turn lawn mower and a used bucket truck for tree trimming and maintaining streetlights. The mower would cost about $20,000 and the truck would be about $30,000. Kinneman is also interested in purchasing a used plow truck at the cost of $35,000.

Eaton gave an update on equipment that needs updating in the next year. He stated that well #2 needs to be rehabbed at a cost of $18,000 to $20,000. Eaton said that all the other wells have already been done, but that he would like to get a rotation going to rehab the wells on a scheduled basis