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Pierce County ATV Association gives thanks to towns and villages

Pierce County ATV Association gives thanks to towns and villages Pierce County ATV Association gives thanks to towns and villages

The Pierce County ATV/UTV Association is taking this opportunity to thank all town & village boards who have opened their roads and streets to recreational vehicle travel. This was done at the request of residents of each municipality. Once the roads officially opened the ATV/UTV Association purchased and placed regulatory signs, all done by volunteers at no expense to the town. The cost of this signage has become rather costly to the Pierce County ATV/UTV Association.

The privilege of operating these vehicles on town and county roads is given to us by each municipality. Along with this privilege, there is a responsibility to abide by Wisconsin Laws and local ordinances that are enacted.

The following are a few of the very important provisions put in place:

•Head lights are to be lit at all times.

•Obey all traffic rules and regulations.

•Obey all posted speed limits (varies by municipality).

•ATV’s made for a single rider, shall not have another person along unless provided by the manufacturer (2-up machine).

•Hours of operation vary by municipality.

•Any person under 18 must wear an approved helmet.

•UTV operators must be 16 years of age and possess an ATV Safety Certificate to operate on roadway. ATV operators must be 12 years of age and possess a certificate also.

•No person may operate an ATV/UTV with a blood alcohol concentration of more than .08 percent and any detectable amount of restricted controlled substance in their blood.

THERE ARE MANY MORE RULES AND REGULATIONS. Please visit and search “ATV”, “UTV” or “OHM” or contact the DNR Call Center 1-888-936-7463.

By following these very simple regulations we will be able to enjoy riding these routes, enjoying open spaces, wildlife, scenery and meeting friends and neighbors.

Recreational vehicles are a very fast-growing sport enjoyed by young and old alike. It has become a part of our way of life, whether used for sport or for business. Because of this there will be new challenges and new endeavors. Operators and passengers need to be attentive, cautious, and safe for all to enjoy this adventure.

Submitted by Pierce County ATV/UTV Association.