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Supporting Small Business

Supporting Small Business Supporting Small Business

Small businesses represent nearly 30 million businesses in the United States. Many of these have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the next few weeks, you’ll hear our politicians utter words about “Main Street” not “Wall Street” and revitalizing our small business economy. I’d like to think that at our local and county levels we know a lot more about small businesses than people in Washington, which is why I encourage you to help grow our local economies over the next three months.

If you find yourself shopping more and more on Amazon every day, there are still opportunities for you to help grow small businesses. Drive through Ellsworth and you will find everything from accounting services, legal services, barbershops, dry cleaning, and restaurants. Last time I checked; you couldn’t order a haircut on Amazon. The same is true in Prescott, Maiden Rock, Pepin, and numerous other communities in our area.

Small businesses fuel the local economies by keeping jobs local and providing consumers a place to reinvest their hard- earned working dollars. They help facilitate the needs for complimentary services and businesses. As an example, you can get a great cup of coffee from the Twisted Oak Coffee Shop in Prescott. They sell donuts and pastries that come from the Hanisch Bakery, Monday through Saturdays, and Emily’s Bakery on Sundays.

How can you help besides simply patronizing local stores? Purchase gift cards for friends and family. Like or comment on social media posts and follow those sites. And be mindful that putting disparaging remarks on social media doesn’t just hurt that business, it hurts all of our businesses by creating a toxic environment. Most owners will rectify issues if they know about them. Additionally, check into whether they offer an online or shipping option for products they may sell. Do they deliver or offer pickup? One of the best pickup lunches I had during the pandemic came from the Valley Bar on Highway 10.

Our small-town businesses need your support and each of us can do our part to help revive our economies that have seen hardship over the past six months.