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Could have been last outdoor session for the year in Diamond Bluff

A representative from another township asked The Journal: “Why does the Town of Diamond Bluff get so much coverage?”

The answer is two-fold: The township bucks the trend on its meeting dates. It meets the second Thursday of the month when no one else is meeting. Second, in the summer, who can resist sitting through a government meeting outside, with the Mississippi River rolling past, and Town Chairman Jeff Holst pleading with the red squirrels to quiet down?

With a half-dozen town residents in attendance, the board held what sadly will likely be their last outside meeting of the year.

“It’s starting to get dark already,” board member Pat Atherton said. “This is going to be it.”

Treasurer Mark Place did double duty on the night, as town clerk Todd Mehrkens was excused for the meeting. He reported that the town account balance is $77,424.16, with another $80,193.93 in a certificate of deposit. The balance in the Sea Wing Park account is $60,684.24.

The town board turned its attention to some road repairs necessary.

The town then decided to go ahead with the purchase of a new voting machine through Pierce County. The purchase is funded through state Routes to Recovery grant money.

“The majority of the townships are going to take advantage of it,” said Holst.

A resident of 370th Avenue appeared before the board in public comment time. He said that while he is generally away during the winter, so the road doesn’t need regular plowing, he and his wife will be back periodically. The road is difficult to plow because it’s comprised of crushed gravel, but he said he’d give the town advanced notice when he needs to get home.

“We’ll try the best we can. Let’s keep a line of communication open,” said Holst.

The next meeting is set for Oct. 8.

“We’ll probably have to go inside,” said Holst.