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Noble delivers talk on potential Shrine patient

Noble delivers talk on potential Shrine patient Noble delivers talk on potential Shrine patient

Noble Dr. Chris Tashjian was the guest speaker at the Hancock Lodge meeting on Tuesday September 8th.

His talk centered around his efforts to bring an Armenian little girl to the Philadelphia Shriners Hospital for treatment of a leg condition. Tashjian, whose grandparents emigrated to the US in 1920, has made numerous medical trips to the small mid-east country with other physicians as a part of the Armenia Missionary Association of America.

During one of his trips he met little Mary Alexanyan and her mom and dad in June 2019. Chris learned Mary developed an infection in a knee joint that made walking difficult even to the point of not allowing her right leg to bend. In the Armenian culture this means it would affect her socially for her entire life.

Dr. Chris applied for a 10 year visa for her mom and Mary and also cleared it with the Shriners Hospital for Children in Philadelphia to start treatment. The appointment was scheduled for February 2020 and was moved to March 2020 due the visa being held up. Shriner's was instrumental in getting this visa approved. The entire process was put on hold due the Covid 19 pandemic.

In his talk Dr. Tashjian showed a powerpoint map showing the location of the little country of Armenia. It's people speak Armenian and Russian and are now learning English . Their life centers around family and the Armenian Christian Church. They may be a small nation but they are connected by faith and the desire to be educated. Having very few physical resources in their country (smaller than Hawaii), they see technology as their future with an educated workforce.