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Don't take the bait

To the editor: Don’t take the bait! It’s a trick, nothing more than a carrot mirage being dangled in front of your nose.

Free college, free health care; free this and that. It all sounds so good. But these things aren’t free at all. They’re paid for by you and me, and they’re paid for at the expense of our freedom, our innovation, our industry and our very way of life. Like a bad drug deal that sounds good in the moment, but in the longrun there is hell to pay.

In the end, socialism never works. At worst, there are countries like Venezuela where people are fleeing in droves. At best, there are countries like Norway where income tax gobbles up nearly half of your earnings, and sales tax takes another 25% chomp. Think you can go into a grocery store and find the variety of products we have here? Think again. The government dictates which product is sanctioned and allowed to be sold, not a free and open market. That doesn’t exist in socialism. Want to take your kids on vacation where they’ll miss a day of school? Think again. You don’t have the right, the government does. Permission denied.

Before casting a vote to the left, spend some time in a socialist country and see if it’s really what you want for our country. As could be said and eulogized of the poor little mouse, neck snapped in the trap, “You didn’t really think the cheese was free, did you?”

Barb Miles