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April 19 April 23 The following property transfers were recorded by the Pierce County Register of Deeds April 19-23.

Dean Haglund to Paul R. Fetzer, Pt. Blk. 11, Original Plat, Village of Plum City.

McGrath Properties LLC to Cody Riggins & Casie P. Allred, Pt. Lot 5 & Lot 3, Blk. 9, Original Plat, Village of Ellsworth.

Chandelle M. Renslow & Dylan Dock to Alexander E. Miller, Unit 4C, East River Meadows Condo, City of River Falls.

April 20

Daniel R. & Rose A. Rude to Delta Construction Inc., Pt. SW-NE, Sec. 13, Town of River Falls.

Dennis M. & Patricia J. Blevins to Christine Froyd, Pt. NE-NE, Sec. 2, City of River Falls.

Lee E. Sheehy Trust to Steven Jon & Dana Marie A. Benedict, Pt. NE-NE, SE-NE, Sec. 8, NW-NW & SW-NW, Sec. 9, Town of Clifton.

Gerald R. Kaneen to Phillip A. & Cynthia K. Symes and Cody A. & Anne Marie Sjoquist, SE-SE, Sec. 8, Town of Diamond Bluff.

April 21

Timothy E. Kittilson to James J. & Nancy J. Boryczka, Pt. SW-NW, Sec. 4, Town of Trimbelle.

MA Sears LLC to Mark & Anne Girdeen, Pt. SE-SW, Sec. 16, Town of Hartland.

April 22 Molly McLagan Foley to Gregory T. & Katherine E. Olson, Lot 21, Spring Creek Estates, City of River Falls.

Gregory B. & Faye L. Lackey to Adam Peters, Lot 2, Stone Brook Townhome Community, City of River Falls.

Melvin A. Blaisdell to Thomas Goulette, Pt. NE-SE, Sec. 10, Town of Ellsworth.