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EHS students aim to bring playground to Brown’s Field

EHS students aim to bring  playground to Brown’s Field EHS students aim to bring  playground to Brown’s Field

ELLSWORTH - Two Ellsworth High School students have started a fundraiser for a new playground at the Brown’s Field Complex. Students EmmaJo Meier and Morgan Kolodzienski have been involved in the Ellsworth Baseball Softball Association (EBSA) for many years and created this service project for their service-learning capstone project.

Meier, a freshman, and Kolodzienski, a sophomore, both play for the high school softball team and with EBSA. The EBSA is a program that has several teams that play both in-town and travel.

Both students started playing softball with the EBSA when they were eight years old. They started playing Tball and softball through the district before that and they both have a strong passion for

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the sport.

“I started with in-town but when I started with the traveling team, I was eight, and I played before then so it has been a pretty long time being involved with EBSA,” said Kolodzienski.

The fundraiser is set up to fund a new playground area at the Hager City fields at the complex where many Ellsworth teams practice and have games. The idea behind building a playground there is to provide a place for younger siblings to use during these games and practices.

“Down at the Hager fields, they don’t have a playground so we wanted for the younger kids to have somewhere to play while their older siblings are playing,” Meier said.

To raise money for their endeavor, the students are selling yard signs that support the Ellsworth Panthers. There are three options for people to choose from that say, “An Ellsworth Panther lives here,” “Proud supporter of the Ellsworth Panthers,” and “Proud Grandparent of an Ellsworth Panther.”

The two students set a goal to sell 500 signs during this fundraiser; they have already sold 500 signs and they are hoping to sell more to reach an amount that would enable them to begin planning and construction.

The last day to buy a sign is Sept. 9 at midnight; the signs are scheduled to be ready for pick up before EHS’s homecoming weekend on Oct. 1. Scheduled pick up times are on Sept 24, 26 and 28 in the evenings at the high school. Each sign is being sold for $20.

Anyone who wants to support the service project can purchase a sign online at https:// helmerprinting. com/ SupportYourEllsworthPanthers/.