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Elementary demo postponed, pickleball court coming to SV

SPRING VALLEY - At the Sept. 1 Spring Valley Village Board meeting, discussions were about library funding, staff issues at the health care center and holding off on actions on demolition of the old elementary school building.

The meeting began with a presentation and monthly report from Spring Valley Library Director Katie Schneider. The library is asking for more funding in the next budget year for updates and compensation for workers.

“Most libraries have more than five people working, here it is just two,” Schneider said.

The board then approved ordinances in relation to building codes, more specifically building inspections. The ordinances will now be current with state statutes and create a more convenient way to complete building inspections in town.

Two items on the agenda were tabled until the next monthly board meeting. Both items pertained to the elementary school building and because the demolition of the building has been put on hold, there could not be action taken on these items.

The elementary school building has not yet been demolished because of some inspections being done by the Department of Natural Resources, plus there are historical aspects to the building that need to be addressed before demolition can occur.

“There is a delay,” Village Clerk Luann Emerson said. “The demolition has been on hold with the DNR; it sounds more like a historical thing than a DNR issue.”

Next was an update on the Spring Valley Health and Rehab Center, in which discussion centered on current staffing issues that the facility is currently facing.

“Weekends and PMs there’s no nurses and no CNAs which is getting pretty serious,” Village President Marsha Brunkhorst said.

Police Chief Sharon Verges gave her report and there was discussion about the storm sirens. During the severe storm that hit Spring Valley, sirens only went off for about 30 seconds before all power went out. Chief Verges is going to reach out to the county to get any issues with the sirens resolved.

During the president’s report, Brunkhorst brought an option for a pickleball court to be built downtown in Spring Valley. The funding is coming from American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds and after a vote, the board directed funds to the future pickleball court that will be constructed next spring. This fits into a category from the funding that allows cities and towns to provide new outdoor spaces and places for people to congregate.

The next village board meeting will be held on Oct, 6 at the Spring Valley Municipal Building.