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to the Editor


What is wrong with the people that run our city? There were four applications for the water position and we have a clerk that clearly stated only three at the meetings. The fourth person comes to a meeting and asks where did his application go and the mayor says we didn’t consider it because of your age. WOW!!! The city hires a guy with zero experience and at a wage over above fully certified personnel. I am sure they never offered it to the certified personnel and if they did it was at a lower rate I know how this all goes. We had a guy that had experience but you say he was too old that is grounds for a lawsuit and if that is the case we should be worried as taxpayers because under what is called the McDonnell Douglas case this applicant can sue and will win a monetary settlement. Thecityshouldbeashamedoftheirdecisionandif this goes into a lawsuit I would respectively ask for the resignation of our clerk and mayor for lying about the applications.

Respectfully submitted, Travis Schuebel